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SUSECon 2015
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14938 - SUSE OpenStack Cloud This one-day class will introduce you to SUSE OpenStack Cloud components, design and administration. Our rich interactive learning experience provides students with lecture and lab sections to ensure understanding of the topics. Starting with a broad discussion of various cloud applications, we will move through demonstrations and practical applications. Each attendee will create a cloud quick-start application. You will learn how to deploy a cloud infrastructure in your environment with limited hardware, and how you can best use the applications to meet your business needs. 9 Hours Workshops Ron Terry
14939 - SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 This one-day class is designed for SUSE Linux Enterprise Administrators who are new to the technology changes released in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12. Combining both lecture and hands-on learning, we will cover the installation, initialization, services, file systems, software management and desktop changes. In addition, you will complete a SLES 12 installation and learn about Systemd, logging with Rsyslog and network management with “Wicked”. 9 Hours Workshops Alistair Cloughley
14995 - Certified Linux Administrator Exam: SLES 11 This certification is designed for SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 system administrators who have become familiar with the SLES 11 operating system. This certification displays your fundamental knowledge of the Linux operating system and your ability to properly administer SLES 11 at a basic level. Customers may register for one exam slot at this level. 2 Hours CLA/CLP Exam
14996 - Certified Linux Administrator Exam: SLES 12

This certification is designed for SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 or 12 system administrators who have become familiar with the SLES 11 or 12 operating system. This certification displays your fundamental knowledge of the Linux operating system and your ability to properly administer SLES 11 or 12 at a basic level. Customers may register for one exam slot at this level.

2 Hours CLA/CLP Exam
14997 - Certified Linux Professional Exam: SLES 11

This certification is designed for those who already have experience with SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 or 12 including general system configuration and command line work. It will cover advanced administration skills on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 or 12 and is for those who have already passed the CLA 11 or 12 exam. Customers may register for one exam slot at this level.

3 Hours CLA/CLP Exam
14998 - Certified Linux Professional Exam: SLES 12 This certification is designed for those who already have experience with SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 or 12 including general system configuration and command line work. It will cover advanced administration skills on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 or 12 and is for those who have already passed the CLA 11 or 12 exam. Customers may register for one exam slot at this level. 3 Hours CLA/CLP Exam
BOV19372 - KVM and Linux on z Systems IBM provided a Statement of direction for enabling KVM on the mainframe. KVM is a new alternative Hypervisor for the IBM mainframe platform besides z/VM. Linux on the Mainframe (z Systems) is in the market since more than a decade and large customers worldwide running business critical applications. The biggest IBM customers in the world rely on Linux on z Systems to run their daily business critical operations. This session covers the technical and economical benefits of running Linux and KVM on z Systems. Customer success stories are included to demonstrate the benefit of Open Source software on the mainframe Technical details about the z Systems platform, Linux and KVM are covered including an update about the recently announce new hardware z13. 1 Hour Business Overview Steffen Thoss
BOV19833 - Ready for the Mobile-First and Cloud-First Economy: Micro Focus COBOL, SUSE Linux Enterprise and the IBM Mainframe This session addresses how to deliver better Linux for z Systems applications, faster. Use what already works and optimize how it is delivered! Accelerate application analysis, transform the user experience, or revolutionize COBOL development, testing, and delivery processes for Linux on IBM z! Covering COBOL with Eclipse, CICS, IMS, DB2, Cloud and JVM, Micro Focus will explain how mainframe applications can easily bridge to the future using the latest technology. 1 Hour Business Overview Ed Airey
Derek Britton
BOV19919 - SUSE Manager on z Systems The Mainframe offers to run lots of Linux servers. The sheer number of systems possible on that system requires a system management tool that is up to this task. SUSE Manager runs native on z Systems and provides the needed functionality regarding software management, system provisioning, monitoring, service quality, and compliance. 1 Hour Business Overview Klaus Kämpf
Berthold Gunreben
BOV19953 - Industry Efforts To Make Open Source More Secure Our hearts bled and we were shell shocked last year as many discovered that open source software widely used throughout the world contained security bugs. See what the open source ecosystem and industry consortium are proactively doing to help prevent similar incidences in the future and see what steps you should take to minimize your risk. 1 Hour Business Overview Alan Clark
BOV19954 - Looking to the Future with OpenStack The OpenStack Foundation is 4 years old. As Cloud computing continues to grow and expand to include additional markets of adoption and to innovate technologies, what does the future hold for OpenStack? Catch a view of the project from the OpenStack community and leadership perspective. We'll review the technology strengths and discuss the upcoming technologies and the markets they will serve and we will share examples of how SUSE customers are deploying OpenStack. 1 Hour Business Overview Mark Smith
Alan Clark
Pete Chadwick
BOV19995 - 15 Years of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server on the Mainframe: Control, Optimize, Innovate! Last year the IBM mainframe celebrated its 50th anniversary, this year Linux on z Systems turns 15; and not just Linux but SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for System z, which was the very first enterprise-class Linux version for IBM mainframes, and the very first Enterprise Linux Distribution worldwide! But we are not just talking about history - this session is also all about the future. No other platform has been so innovative as the mainframe, no other operating system is so innovative as Linux, and SUSE has always been on the forefront with introducing new and valuable technologies. If you want to learn more, join us and hear more about how history turns into future. 1 Hour Business Overview Wilhelm Mild
Meike Chabowski
Marcus Kraft
BOV20035 - Free & Open Source Software in European Public Adminstrations: Policies & Implementations This talk gives an overview of how public administrations in the European Union are embracing free and open source software solutions. It will outline the major trends, providing a context and a roadmap for European public administrations' policies. The presentation will give plenty of examples of public administrations that jointly develop, share and re-use such software solutions. 1 Hour Business Overview Markus Feilner
BOV20037 - Do Good Things and Talk About It What it means to be a Geeko, a priest, a Jedi Knight, a conch diplomat and to own property on the moon. And why engagement in an open source community is crucial for commercial success. Wait - did somebody say community management or building? Well... sort of. But it's also about getting the right mix of Products (SUSE) and Infrastructure (openSUSE) and a good blend (Core, Cornerstone, Elements, OpenSUSE, SLE, SLE sources in OBS, Open QA and more). 1 Hour Business Overview Markus Feilner
BOV20062 - The Relevance of Security Certifications SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 received a Common Criteria certifications, multiple FIPS modules have been certified, and more are in process. In addition, we are producing Security Technical Implementation Guidelines based on the SCAP Format. You never heard about this? Don't worry: the basics will be explained. Specifically though we will explore, why the effort to achieve these certifications has raised the quality of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and thus is relevant for EVERYbody using SUSE's solutions. 1 Hour Business Overview Thomas Biege
Matthias Eckermann
BOV22039 - Choose the Right Platform for Your SAP HANA Strategy Customers evaluating and implementing SAP HANA realize greater flexibility and superior economics by deploying their solutions on IBM Power Systems. In this session, you will learn about new, pre-sized IBM Power configurations that are optimized for SAP HANA, highly available/disaster recovery options for HANA on Power deployments and systems management solutions to maintain the HANA systems. In addition, you will hear from a client why they chose to implement their SAP HANA solution on IBM Power. 1 Hour Business Overview Alex Cabanes
Mike Friesenegger
Anirban Chatterjee
CAS18158 - How to use SUSE Manager and CVEs This study will show how SUSE and customers implement new ideas into SUSE Manager for security management. The Focus for this session is to fix vulnerabilities from CVEs. We demonstrate starting from the idea of a function for CVE checks, through requesting information regarding a CVE, to patching the affected server. 1 Hour Case Study Alexander Kaercher
Michael Brookhuis
CAS18543 - Use Cases: Migration from a Windows Environment to a SUSE Linux Enterprise based Infrastructure In this session, two case studies will be discussed: The first use case is about Liberty Christian School in Indiana USA who had few resources, and an inadequate IT infrastructure. Enter SUSE - where LCS deployed SUSE Linux Enterprise Server to run a Samba/LDAP domain, serve up shared folders, and more. Phase 2 added an iSCSI server and clustered KVM hosts to virtualize Linux, Windows and BSD. SUSE technologies in use there are HA, iSCSI storage, OCFS2, KVM, SMT, openLDAP, samba, and DNS server. Added in are additional complimentary open source technologies like clonezilla, pfSense, and Icinga monitoring. We will walk through this implementation. The second use case talks about a migration for a small business of 55 employees from a Windows environment to a SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 environment using Windows domain services but running in a SAMBA setup. Existing Windows Shares were migrated to a iSCSI setup within the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 server setup, along with DNS/DHCP. The Windows FTP server has also been migrated to a SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 FTP server. 1 Hour Case Study Donald Vosburg
CAS19256 - Running SAP HANA One on SoftLayer Bare Metal with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server IBM's Cloud Services development team combined the world of cloud computing with the power of bare metal processing to enable customers to quickly provision bare metal servers running SLES and SAP HANA One using IBM SoftLayer infrastructure. This session will take you behind the scenes of the SAP HANA One service deployed on SoftLayer and explain how bare metal servers were ordered, provisioned, and managed through automation. The session will also cover lessons learned, factors to consider, and tips for managing bare metal servers as cloud computing resources. We'll also highlight the factors that made SLES a natural fit for running SAP HANA One in the cloud. 1 Hour Case Study Ryan Hodgin
Brad DesAulniers
CAS19770 - High Performance Computing Technology forum This session is intended to be an open forum discussion focused on Linux High Performance Computing (HPC) and High Throughput Computing (HTC) solutions, and the differences between them. The targeted scope of attendees are those supporting HPC/HTC deployments, involved in planning HPC/HTC deployments, and experts and staff providing consultation and services to both. Subjects will include job scheduling, work flow design, resource policies, storage platforms, standard and parallel file systems, NFS use and configurations, hardware acceleration and processor architecture to name a few. Discussion about experiences and comparisons including lessons learned are strongly encouraged. 1 Hour Case Study Lawrence Kearney
Mike Friesenegger
Kai Dupke
Vojtech Pavlik
Bryan Gartner
CAS19874 - OpenStack in Production with Ceph Integration In OpenStack Cinder we can find multi-backend functionality and tons of storage drivers. The main purpose of this presentation is to demonstrate how can we take advantage of the tiering capability of Ceph. In a production environment, we would like to create different Ceph pools with different I/O throughput. For backup we can build slow storage which will be based on SATA drivers but with huge capacity. For production workload and launching VM's, an SSD-based pool Ceph cluster can be used. Since OpenStack Havana, it has been possible to boot virtual machines into Ceph so the virtual machine root disks could be stored inside Ceph. This makes life easier for live-migration and recovery. The disadvantage of this was that we had to always download the VM image from Glance to the compute node and upload it into Ceph again, which was completely not efficient and slow. To fix this problem, the OpenStack Juno release offers the copy-on-write clone functionality from Ceph RBD. Now, cloud users can import into Glance where images are snapshotted and protected and where clones can easily be created from the uploaded images. This presentation will show multi-backend Cinder with Ceph in some advanced OpenStack and Ceph integration scenarios. 1 Hour Case Study Michal Jura
CAS19964 - OpenStack & Ceph, An Update of Enterprise Use-Cases at BMW In the context of building our own private cloud infrastructure, BMW has introduced Ceph as the block storage backend for its OpenStack environment. Then, we evaluated whether major use-cases for large enterprises are addressed. A session at SUSECon 2014 already outlined the findings of an early technology evaluation last year. This session will now give an update on these use-cases and illustrate the newest findings in a productive environment. 1 Hour Case Study Dyon van Bavel
Andreas Poeschl
CAS19992 - What´s Old is New Again: Consolidation and Innovation with Linux on the Mainframe at Sparda DV Sparda DV, the IT provider for Sparda Bank and Netbank, is a long-term SUSE Linux Enterprise on z Systems customer, but also very innovative and always an early adopter of new technologies and hardware. Oliver Roethinger from Sparda will go in detail about - how the infrastructure composed of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and IBM z Systems looks like - what workloads Sparda DV is running on this solution - what are the technical and business benefits for Sparda of using Linux on the mainframe (in comparison to a distributed environment) - what have been the experiences during the past years - what about the future - what are additional workloads to be brought to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server on z Systems, and what technologies will be used in future 1 Hour Case Study Oliver Roethinger
Wilhelm Mild
Meike Chabowski
CAS20006 - Modernizing your Data Center with the SUSE Platform KTI and SUSE have partnered in Canada to provide a complete end to end infrastructure platform using SUSE Openstack Cloud, SUSE Studio, SUSE Enterprise Storage and Open Build Server. KTI has leveraged SUSE's technology to provide a secure, certified stable enterprise grade solution to their customers. 1 Hour Case Study Peter Linnell
Lydia Muzar
CAS20030 - Fast SAP HANA Fail Over Architecture with a SUSE High Availability Cluster in the AWS Cloud This case study shows how a cluster built on SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension can be used to build extremely reliable SAP HANA database fail over architectures in the public AWS cloud. The audience will learn how a SUSE High Availability cluster, combined with the AWS cloud, allows customers to implement SAP architectures: * which are hardened against any local data center failure * which are standardized and can be automated and be used world wide * with increased security since all configuration changes of the cluster will be strictly limited to the required resources * which set new standards for auditability since all configuration changes will be tracked by the AWS cloud infrastructure. 1 Hour Case Study Markus Gürtler
Stefan Schneider
Peter Schinagl
CAS20049 - The Value of an Open Enterprise and Open Community Working Together SUSE Linux Enterprise is able to provide the solid platform to customers thanks largely to a community project that experiments and implements many of the innovative technologies that you see in commercial products today. That community project is openSUSE. This session will discuss the latest developments in the openSUSE Project, shed light on other technologies being developed inside openSUSE, and share insights into some possibilities for the future. It will also detail areas where the openSUSE project directly impacts Enterprise customers, and the benefits of SLE customers being more involved as community members. 1 Hour Case Study Andrew Wafaa
Richard Brown
Stephan Kulow
CAS20057 - Using Kiwi to Create Customized PoS Images Kiwi is the tool behind SUSE Studio. In this session, we'll detail some Kiwi aspects that sometimes can't be accomplished through SUSE Studio. In 2011, we worked with a huge retail company in Brazil to develop of a customized SUSE Linux implementation. The project aimed at automating the installation process and reducing the overall image size for the operating system for their ATMs. As the company had stores spread throughout Brazil, keeping an IT specialist for each store was unfeasible. So, we worked on an auto-install image that would work on touch screen kiosks. The customer required that some configurations had to be provided in the first boot, so that any store manager with a manual was capable of performing the installation. We developed scripts to integrate drivers and a virtual keyboard for the interface. In that way, no hardware attachment (like a keyboard or mouse) would be needed, optimizing the configuration process. In a few steps the ATM would be ready to go. Although the development of this configuration was a challenge itself, shaping the image was even more difficult. We needed to be as light as possible. And with hundreds of stores, the company needed to deploy this image as fast as possible. In addition, the image needed to support a list of hardware and peripherals. So, we customized the initial package list and configuration files carefully to add libraries, drivers and detection mechanisms. We will explain how this same customization approach could be attached to SUSE Studio, encouraging the SUSECon participants to open their minds, thinking about how this product can solve larger infrastructure problems. 1 Hour Case Study Gabriel Cavalcante
Cleber Paiva de Souza
CAS20148 - Where and When to Docker There is a lot of excitement around Docker and containers in general but what workloads are appropriate? We'll review several large customer use cases where Docker made sense as well as what environments weren't a good fit. 1 Hour Case Study Ryan Trauntvein
Dan Elder
CAS20431 - Cloud in a Box Ericsson will discuss how they built a private cloud environment, by creating a minimal and highly automated SUSE OpenStack Cloud framework on standardized hardware including storage solution. 1 Hour Case Study Lars Everbrand
CAS21470 - Engineering with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server: Hardware Engineers Share Their Experience in Developing Solutions It’s not common knowledge, but every HP ProLiant Server includes SUSE Linux Enterprise Server before it leaves the factory floor. From SAP servers, to desktops, to factory floors, SUSE Linux Enterprise is an integral part of HP's engineering strategy, providing an extensible core set of technologies which HP leverages for automated provisioning and reliable system life-cycle management. We will walk through a typical provisioning process, including reviews of custom drivers from the SUSE Solid Driver program, and subsequent system management and updates using KMP kernel modules. And we’ll show you where all of these tools and technologies are shared in Zypper repositories on the internet. Join us to learn how you can leverage HP’s engineering experience with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server in your IT infrastructure. 1 Hour Case Study Craig Lamparter
Bryan Gartner
FUT19146 - Advanced Systems Management with Machinery Machinery is a systems management toolkit for Linux. It supports configuration discovery, system validation, and service migration. It is part of the SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 "Advanced Systems Management" module. We will show how this tools can help system administrators with their daily tasks and like to discuss future plans. 1 Hour Future Andreas Jaeger
Thomas Goettlicher
FUT19324 - Updating the Compiler? Take Advantage of New Development Toolchain This presentation will explain the benefits of a new toolchain and how you can use it for development and optimization of own applications and for delivery to others. SUSE has updated the toolchain (GCC, binutils, GDB) regularly with SUSE Linux Enterprise, first as part of the SDK and now with the Toolchain Module. We'd like to help you take full advantage of these updates. 1 Hour Future Andreas Jaeger
FUT19336 - SUSE Enterprise Storage Overview and Roadmap Overview of SUSE Enterprise Storage powered by Ceph product functionality and use case deployments. Product roadmap and future use case deployments will also be discussed. 1 Hour Future Lars Marowsky-Brée
Larry Morris
FUT20073 - Lifecycle - Planning Ahead to Avoid Stress We know that your job is complex and the demand of keeping the cost under control versus keeping the infrastructure stable is your top priority. Your job becomes even tougher when you have to deal with lifecycle changes, critical vulnerabilities and downtime. Join our session and gain an overview of our lifecycle from real life scenarios. 1 Hour Future Stephan Barth
Simona Arsene
FUT20087 - SUSE Virtualization Technologies Roadmap This session will provide a high-level look at the virtualization technologies available in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, including KVM, Xen, LXC, and Docker. It will also outline the SUSE Linux Enterprise Perfect Guest strategy and how SUSE is leading in this area. Attendees will gain a better understanding of the changes that have been implemented in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP4, and 12 SP1, and will be provided with references on where they can find more information about each technology. 1 Hour Future Michal Svec
Mike Latimer
FUT20715 - SUSE Linux Enterprise Live Patching Roadmap: Zero Downtime

One Hour of Downtime Costs > $100K for 95% of all enterprises. Downtime of even a few minutes is expensive and unwelcome. The top business consequences businesses face are: sales losses, lost or damaged data, customer dissatisfaction, breach of contract or even regulatory compliance exposure. Nobody can predict an unplanned downtime which may ruin your business. However, what if you can prepare your infrastructure to be resistant to an unplanned downtime? What if you really can mitigate the additional costs and consequences and keep your business system running until the next planned downtime window? This session shows what SUSE can offer you to be prepared for the next unplanned downtime.

1 Hour Future Hannes Kuehnemund
FUT20716 - SUSE Linux High Availability Roadmap: Reduce Unplanned Downtime The SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension helps to ensure your data and services are available 24 hours a day. SUSE offers not only data and service protection for local and metropolitan systems, but also for those running geographically-distributed data centers. Join this session to learn about the capabilities of the SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Stack, typical use cases and what's new with version 12 SP1. 1 Hour Future Lars Marowsky-Brée
Kai Dupke
FUT20718 - SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications Roadmap: Run Linux Simple

What does it mean to be the leading platform for SAP and SAP HANA? Learn what SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications is and how it helps SAP customers to run simple. Understand what is currently possible with SLES for SAP Applications and in addition get an overview on the new things that come with the next releases of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications. Those new capabilities and features will enhance the product for an even better integration into the SAP Ecosystem.

1 Hour Future Hannes Kuehnemund
FUT20719 - SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for System z Roadmap: Building enterprise IT with SUSE Linux on IBM Mainframes The mainframe - a datacenter in a box. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for System z is a well established resident on these systems used worldwide, and driving more than 30% of the workloads delivered by these systems. While SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for System z 11 is to be there for more years to come, with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for System z 12 and upcoming Service Pack 1, new features and functions will be made available to benefit your daily operation and exploit typical System z unique features. Join us for this session to learn about which new functionalities will be offered, what customer are already using today, and how to leverage the strength of System z hardware and SUSE software technologies to build a rock solid, yet cost effective enterprise IT infrastructure. 1 Hour Future Meike Chabowski
Marcus Kraft
FUT20720 - SUSE OpenStack Cloud Roadmap: Building the Foundation for the Next Gen Data Center Infrastructure as a Service cloud is becoming the standard model for building new IT environments . Business users are looking for the ability to quickly access the services they need, pay for what they use and minimize total costs. Technologies such as OpenStack and Ceph can provide IT organizations with tools to deliver public cloud like agility and cost while enabling faster innovation. In this session we will provide an update on the latest capabilities of SUSE OpenStack Cloud and the expected enhancements for the next year. 1 Hour Future Pete Chadwick
FUT20721 - SUSE Manager Roadmap: OS Lifecycle Management from the Datacenter to the Cloud SUSE Manager 3 is only a few months away. In this session we will give you an idea of what to expect in the upcoming release, both in terms of incremental improvements in scalabilty, speed, and ease of use as well as in terms of completely new features like the revamped subscription management, the SaltStack-based configuration management and our story for monitoring. We will explain how you can take part in the journey by joining the SUSE Manager rolling beta program. This is also the right session to be in if you want to ask questions about where SUSE's systems management workhorse is heading or provide hands-on feedback to Product Management. 1 Hour Future Joachim Werner
Jeffrey Lindholm
FUT20725 - SUSE Containers, Docker and Beyond In this session we will have a look at container technologies at SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, main use cases and scenarios, related tooling, what do we have in versions 11 and 12 and a plan for the future releases. 1 Hour Future Michal Svec
Flavio Castelli
FUT20726 - SUSE High Performance Computing Roadmap: HPC with SUSE Linux Enterprise HPC systems based on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server connect the flexibility of Linux with the enterprise capabilities and support that only SUSE can deliver. It is used to build not just the "biggest HPC systems", but to ensure that the system is reliant and available when business needs it. Join this session to learn more about SUSE in the HPC area, the HPC stack, and how to address future challenges in the HPC area. 1 Hour Future Meike Chabowski
Kai Dupke
FUT20727 - SUSE Realtime Roadmap: When Time *Really* Matters SUSE Linux Enterprise Server provides a fast Enterprise Linux. What if fast isn't enough and you need to finish things in-time? Communication, Simulation, Financial transactions and many more rely on predicable timing . This session is about the SUSE Linux Enterprise Realtime Extension, its capabilities and use cases. 1 Hour Future Libor Pechacek
Kai Dupke
FUT20729 - SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 from A-Z SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 SP1 will be released shortly after SUSECon 2015. We will discuss the highlights of this Operating System family, and specifically SUSE Linux Enterprise Server from "A" to "Z", including Architectures, Docker, Filesystems, JeOS, Modules, Quality, Security and Zero Downtime. 1 Hour Future Matthias Eckermann
George Shi
FUT20730 - Software Defined Everything - Management, Cloud, Containers and Storage The evolution of the data center continues. In this session, the SUSE PM team will present the latest advance in data center virtualization and the management tools needed to deploy, monitor and maintain an increasingly complex environment. 1 Hour Future Pete Chadwick
Joachim Werner
FUT20731 - SUSE Linux Enterprise Technology Roadmap This is the session for you to get a comprehensive overview of the SUSE Linux Enterprise family. The latest roadmap including upcoming products and service packs will be shown. You will learn about delivered and planned capabilities. And, you will learn how technologies provided with SUSE Linux Enterprise can help you implement the best solution for your mission-critical data center, UNIX migration and/or your virtualized infrastructure up to the clouds. 1 Hour Future Matthias Eckermann
FUT20733 - Enhancing SUSE Linux Enterprise - SUSE Package Hub The open-source community provides a vast array of software solutions that can be installed and used in enterprise deployments. The community packages repository contains a solid set of pre-built, community maintained packages ready to use on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 installations. This talk will give an introduction to the new repository, its purpose, how to use it, and how to contribute to it. 1 Hour Future Scott Bahling
HO15982 - Deploy OpenStack; The SUSE Cloud Experience Come join in on this awesome hands on deployment experience utilizing SUSE OpenStack Cloud. We will walk you through step by step on hardware provided in class. By the end of class you will have a fully functioning OpenStack environment that you can create tenants, launch instances, and test its highly available control plane for a zero downtime experience. You will be able to take away material you can use to deploy OpenStack again in your own labs or anywhere else. 2 hours Hands-on Cameron Seader
Alejandro Bonilla
HO16019 - Service Orchestration in an OpenStack Cloud Manually assembling all of the pieces of any complex service can be tedious and time-consuming, especially if it is a common one that may need to be launched repeatedly. Learn how to use the orchestration framework in SUSE OpenStack Cloud to generate templates for complex workloads through a series of hands-on samples. 2 hours Hands-on Rick Ashford
Niel Bornstein
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